Friday, September 10, 2010

Jumping Back Into the Nursing Uniform Pool

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For years I walked into stores,
touching when I dared
the many colors, the pretty printed
luxury of them.
Could I have them back?
How to do it?

I could not enter too far;
I worried about being watched--
by whom, I don't know.
I just wanted to walk in their presence,
to pretend for just a while that I had
a real right to covet them...

I would be dragged away looking back,
hating I was leaving...but I
just want to stay here...
I knew I would dream of
for many long nights:

Volunteering got me
headed back to my dream--
catalog in hand,
I wander the online store;
treasures are everywhere.
I pick this and this and this.
My shopping is complete,

confirmed by 78 emails?

© Julianne Carlile


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Southern Illinois

How many times my father took us to his home,
the land of his ancestors and of his birth,
so we could get in touch with our past and his:
to love a life gone.
And we saw land more dry and dusty than sand,
filled with not much culture, but farms,
and people as dry and dusty as the land,
as if they rose from it.
Now I go down to the place that he came from,
alone to all the places that he loved,
and find that things have not really changed so much,
except that he's not there.
The family reunion's filled with all his kin.
Young ones keep coming and old ones keep going.
The cemetery keeps growing with those he loved--
the ground cries for him.

© Julianne Carlile

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