Jumping Back Into the Nursing Uniform Pool

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For years I walked into stores,
touching when I dared
the many colors, the pretty printed
luxury of them.
Could I have them back?
How to do it?

I could not enter too far;
I worried about being watched--
by whom, I don't know.
I just wanted to walk in their presence,
to pretend for just a while that I had
a real right to covet them...

I would be dragged away looking back,
hating I was leaving...but I
just want to stay here...
I knew I would dream of
for many long nights:

Volunteering got me
headed back to my dream--
catalog in hand,
I wander the online store;
treasures are everywhere.
I pick this and this and this.
My shopping is complete,

confirmed by 78 emails?

© Julianne Carlile



  1. If anyone is interested, the uniform company this was is Uniform Advantage.


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