Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When I Hear Nature

Dr. Robert R. Cargill on Discovery ChannelImage via Wikipedia
I think of that old argument
of nature or nuture, which one will win.
I think of the cruelty
on nature shows, the Discovery Channel.
I think of babies born to parents
who may or may not love them at all.
I think of red roses
in their full bloom,
wildflowers that grow
wherever they can root,
frogs of all things, on lily pads,
and their singing, how they are the star.
I think of the patterns all things seem to make.
But most of all, I think of
a voice calling out my name
in the middle of a dark, silent night,
with just a hint of amusement.
Yes, the voice is male, but that's MY life,
others would hear different voices, maybe girls,
maybe other men.
But this voice I know--familiar,
comforting, warm, soft like silk,
enveloping all around,
swallowing my life
into eternity.

© Julianne Carlile

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