Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Snow

Sledding in Central Park, New York
The way the snow
fell on the hill
blowing high and low
trying hard to fill

every tiny crack
in the countryside
left us with no lack--
now let Christmas ride!

© Julianne Carlile

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thumbelina Married the Wrong Guy

Thumbelina (1992 film)
I used to love Thumbelina.
It was such a neat story,
her being so tiny and living in a flower.
And I felt bad about the things she had to go through
with the toad and the stag beetle.
Then she met her prince and was happy, but I wasn't.
I wanted her to marry the bluebird whose life she saved,
and who was heartbroken when she married the prince.
They couldn't have had children, it's true, or baby birds,
but they could have had birdren.
She could have kept house for him (a birdhouse).
It just seems to me to be a much easier solution
then having someone give her wings.
She could have ridden on the bluebird's back
forever. She could have made him happy.

© Julianne Carlile