If I Were a Queen

English: Pony at Burbage This dumpy little pon...
If I were a queen and reigning supreme,
it would be my dream.
Any men I’d abhor, I’d show the door,
each self-obsessed boor
sent to the shore, and pushed off.

I’d never again have to deal with the men
who say "I’ll touch you when,
I can get something out of it."
Or deal with the laughter of married male friends:
“Oh, what, dumped again?”
I’d say, “You’re misled.
Now off with his head!”
Men would truly know
who was running the show;
they wouldn’t dare go
unless I said so.

Yes, if I were a queen
it would be my dream.
I’d never be lonely,
I’d have my own pony,
to love.

© Julianne Carlile


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