Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ode to a Dog

I Want a Dog
Happy the person with a dog,
companion of the first degree.
Awake or sleeping like a log,
                they’re fun to see.

Waking you at an early hour,
they always start your day off right,
and do not mind your greater power;
                they will not fight.

To a woman they are a child;
to a man, like an errant son.
Whether they’re quiet or quite wild,
                they’ll take a gun.

They’ll shuffle off this mortal coil
and leave you sad; you’ll miss your elf,
whether you put them in your soil,
                or on your shelf.

Because I do remember mine,
staring, rapt, at a bedroom wall,
where he does now in fact recline.
                He heard my call.

© Julianne Carlile


  1. I have been remiss in not revealing an important truth about this poem and about Sam, my dog who experienced this phenomenon, along with me and my brother: the name Sam or Samuel means “His name is God”, or “God has heard his plea, heard or asked of God, God hears”. Sam is also from the Arabic, meaning “lofty, exalted, high”.

    On the tail (if you’ll pardon the pun) of this supernatural experience, Sam, who felt like he had no body, got up on my brother’s bed and urinated. My brother was surprised and I didn’t clean up the mess.

    I also need to add that he appeared in the picture of a greeting card that I saw several years previously.

    1. Several years previous to his birth and my adoption of him from the Humane Society, is what I mean. My mother and I were looking at the card and she said, “I think he looks like a nice dog.” And he was.